The Joys of Learning Carnatic Music

Classical Indian Music such as Carnatic is known to bring positivity to the life of the learner. The South Indian diaspora has always ensured that the tradition of learning soulful traditional music continues in their families generation after generation.

Of all the different forms of art and music, Carnatic music stands out as the South Indian music learners’ top choice. In order to connect the children with the rich heritage of their culture, they make them learn the music and understand its deeper meaning.

You may wonder as to why your kid should be conditioned to a Carnatic music training. Before we explore the various benefits of learning Carnatic music, it’s important to understand that music helps your child in deriving emotional experience which can have a very positive impact on the formation of his intellectual and moral outlook. But, why Carnatic music in particular?

Let’s dive deep into what benefits learning Carnatic music can bestow upon children:

Benefit #1. Carnatic music brings discipline in the lives of children

Learning any kind of music is known to make children more disciplined. Carnatic music is played or sung within a boundary that is set by the rules of music.

When your child practices it every day, it helps in bringing discipline to his life.


Benefit 2. Carnatic Music gives an outlet to creativity

Carnatic music involves Alapana and Kalpana Swara. When your child expands these two, his creativity is let free.

Therefore, he gets an outlet to give wings to his creativity whilst learning to value the set boundaries.


Benefit #3. Carnatic music hones listening and concentration skills

Playing any kind of instrument requires utmost concentration or the notes get disturbed. When your child practices singing along with playing the instrument, he develops motor skills.

It requires a great deal of patience and perseverance to strike the perfect hand-eye coordination. With continuous practice, your child excels at that.


Benefit #4. It helps in improving concentration

As a student of music, your child will learn how to listen keenly, understand properly and execute any musical note correctly. With Carnatic music, he will have to work on pre-recorded as well as improvised notes.

This will hone his memory and make him listen to the instructions with utmost concentration. That’s pretty much what we wish our children to learn always!


Benefit #5. It improves your child’s respiration

Music can have a great impact on the physical health of your child along with his mental/emotional well-being. Learning Carnatic music involves controlling our breath and coordinating it with the desired tunes. It directly impacts the respiratory system of your child and keeps his metabolism strong.

The benefits of learning Carnatic Music are aplenty. It can completely influence the physical, mental, emotional and moral side of your child.
With efficient and continued practice, it can help your child get control over his senses and emerge as a stronger individual whilst embracing the creative side that he possesses.

Finally, Carnatic Music helps children connect with their roots of their traditions and lets them embrace the joys of this historical art form.


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Joys of Learning Carnatic Music Lessons
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it is an absolute joy to see my daughter perform on such a big stage. I am proud of her. thank you raaga school of organizing such an amazing student concert

~ Sreevidhya Balasubramanian, Proud Parent

A parent's perspective

As parents, we are always looking for ways to help our children reach their full potential. One way to do this is by exposing them to our cultural traditions at a young age. When we ask parents of our students why they want their children to learn Carnatic and Hindustani music at such a young age, their responses typically fall into the following categories.
  1. Cultural exposure: First and foremost, parents want to expose children born and brought up here in the US to get exposure to a rich cultural tradition with a deep history and heritage. By exposing toddlers to this type of music, we are helping to instill a love and appreciation for culture in them at a very early age.
  2. Enhanced speech: Most children that grow up in western societies are not able to pronounce quite a few of our syllables – especially rolling the ‘r’s, etc. Learning Carnatic and Hindustani music requires children at an early age to practice these producing these sounds that are unique to our Indian languages.
  3. Improved cognitive development: Studies have shown that early exposure to music can help improve a child’s cognitive development. This includes areas such as memory, language, and spatial reasoning — irrespective of the type of music — Western, Chinese or Classical Indian music.
  4. Increased creativity: Both Carnatic and Hindustani music are art forms that encourage creativity and self-expression. By exposing toddlers to this type of music, we are helping to develop their creative minds and encouraging them to think outside the box.
  5. Improved focus and concentration: Most importantly, learning Carnatic and Hindustani music requires focus and concentration. As toddlers practice and perform, they will develop the ability to focus and concentrate, which are helpful in all areas of their lives.
If you are interested in learning more about how to get started with introducing your toddlers to Carnatic or Hindustani music lessons, please reach out to us. We invite you to come observe one of our Tiny Tots classes to evaluate if we have the right program for your Tiny Tot.

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