Smt Srirajalakshmi (Raaji) ji

Senior Carnatic Vocal and Veena Teacher

Smt. Srirajalakshmi is a highly accomplished Carnatic music teacher in both Veena and Vocal. She received her initial training from the legendary vainika, Vidwan Shri G. N. Dhandapani, who was an AIR graded artiste from the Tanjore school of Music. Through his teachings, she has developed a strong discipline and technical rigor in her learning.


For over a decade, she has continued to learn from the world-renowned violinist and vainika, Vidhushi Smt. Lalgudi R. Rajalakshmi. Smt. Rajalakshmi is an A grade artiste of AIR, a teacher par excellence, an erudite and a holistic musician, a disciplinarian, and an affectionate Guru. Under her guidance, Srirajalakshmi ji has further developed her skills.


Srirajalakshmi has also excelled in her KSEEB exams with distinction and has been training students for the past 12 years, imparting the knowledge and skills she has learned from her Gurus. Her students have consistently achieved distinction in KSEEB music exams, Karnataka, and in the Sampada music exams in the US.


Raaji ji has also orchestrated several thematic performances involving and training her students. Her approach as a Veena and Vocal teacher is unique as she has successfully brought out the distinctive Gamakas of Carnatic music in students – especially the Veena students. As a result, she is a highly sought-after teacher for this reason. With a vast repertoire of krithis, she is a passionate and dedicated teacher whose strong foundation comes from years of rigorous training under her Gurus.


While teaching is her primary passion and dedication, she has also performed and won accolades at cultural events, including the prestigious Guru Utsava of Ranjani Fine Arts and at the Indian Institute of World Culture.


Smt. Srirajalakshmi is currently accepting new students at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Srirajalakshmi Carnatic Vocal Teacher
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smt. Raaji ji is a disciple of WORLD-RENOWNED artist and guru vidhushi smt. lalgudi r. rajalakshmi ji

she is an All India Radio Graded Artiste, and is a gold medalist