Smt Rajalakshmi (Raji) Roshan

Carnatic Veena Teacher

Smt. Rajalakshmi Roshan ji is Biotechnologist by profession, and is passionate Vainika and a Bharatanatyam Dancer by Passion. Raji ji has been playing the Veena for the past 23 years.

She began her training in Veena at the age of 11 under the tutelage of Adi Chitra Alangara One foot Veena Vidwan Guru Shri. V.S. Rangarajan and completed her arangetram (solo debut performance) in 2005 in Chennai, India. Raji ji won second place at the 2006 Musical Talent Hunt Contest held by Anna FM and has performed at several Veena concerts around Chennai, India.

Born and raised in Chennai, the cultural hub of India, Raji ji grew up in an environment that was filled with dance and music; that instilled in her a fondness for fine arts. She values her rich cultural heritage and is deeply grateful to her guru from whom she has imbibed the love and knowledge for playing the Veena.

Raji ji wishes to spread the beauty of this versatile and melodious divine instrument across diverse cultural backgrounds by providing an encouraging and creative learning experience for aspiring students.

Raji ji is accepting new students for in-person Veena Classes at the Saratoga Studio

Raji Roshan Veena Teacher
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The veena has been an integral part of our south indian musical heritage, and it is our responsibility as artists to continue this tradition by inspiring, teaching, and nurturing the next generation of musicians