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Carnatic and Hindustani Music lessons for Adults

About 40% of our students are adults. 

When you ask why they want to learn now, we typically get two types of responses: 

  1. “Passion re-ignited” types: They learned as kids, but as teens and young adults, life took over. And now that they have more time as, they are keen to refresh and continue. 
  2. They never had exposure or access to learning Classical Indian music growing up. And now that they’ve been exposed – mostly through their children’s classes, they want to learn too. 
And there is a third kind as well – where they were forced to learn and absolutely hated the experience. But they are glad that their moms still forced them to learn. And not that they are older, they have a sincere appreciation and now want to learn wholeheartedly. 
It is never too late to learn Carnatic or Hindustani Music
Raaga School Calendar 2023
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Come try a lesson with us. See if we are the right school for you.

Most of our students that attend a trial class are inspired to learn Classical Indian Music. 

Student Concert

A culmination of learning, preparation and hard work by our amazing students!!!

Kadana Kuthoolam

Performed By
Alekhya Lanka
Aditrivaishnavi Balaji
Vanajakshi Varnam

Ragam: Kalyani
Performed By
Parimala Nagaraj, Sivanand Achanta, Ramesh Padmanaban
Kabir Bhajan

Raag: Mishraag

Performed By Richa Shukla
Shankarabharanam Nottuswaram

Performed By
Rajasree Rajan, Supriya Pisipati, Sravani Dandu, Sandhya Moorthy, Sharadhi Jaganath, Meghana Harish, Chaitra Rangaswamaiah, Veniya Gopisetty
Jalajakshi Varnam

Ragam: Hamsadhwani
Talam: Adi

Performed By
Mahati Prayaga, Sai Kumar Majeti

Ragam: Bowli
Talam: Adi
Composer: Annamachaarya

Performed By
Guru Sravan Kallubhavi, Shashank Gangadhara