Shrinidhi and Siddharth Chandramouli

Shrinidhi and Siddharth are passionate Carnatic vocal students who started their formal training in 2019 when they were 6 years olds. They have since been under the tutelage of Smt. NCS. Ravali at Raaga school of Music. Although coming from a non musical family, their early interest in music can be credited to constant exposure to Carnatic music at home.

Their daily 1-2 hour long practice sessions include their own unique way of exploring the swara patterns and visually representing them to better understand the beauty of the ragas and compositions.

The twins can often be seen comparing and contrasting Carnatic music with other forms of world music, listening to music or making up their own fusion pieces during their free time.

The twins also love to attend music workshops and concerts of various artists.

Apart from singing and being avid readers, Siddharth loves to draw, animate and cook whereas Shrinidhi loves to paint, play tennis and solve puzzles.

Siddharth and Shrinidhi are currently studying fifth grade at Casa di Mir Montessori school.

Shrinidhi and Siddharth - 2023
Shrinidhi and Siddharth