We are very excited and can’t wait for the Recitals. This day is for you and your families and friends so immerse yourselves and make it as successful as you want it to be.  We believe the teachers have gone well and beyond to coordinate and prepare the students well for this day. A few teachers have volunteered to perform on stage so that students may be able to appreciate music at the highest levels. Let us all come together and make them proud while also inspiring the students to take their musical journey to another level. 

Our students participate in our Annual Day, 2 yearly recitals, and multiple cultural programs organized here in the Bay Area. 

This link is specific to the Summer 2023 Recital

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Location & Time

Dress code: Indian formal

Summary Schedule

Detailed Schedule

How to prepare for the recital

Location & Time

Date: Saturday, Jun 17th

Time: 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm.

Location: Sri Swamy Devasthanam Temple (also called VEDA temple) in Milpitas

The recital hall is next to Temple Library. Please call us at +1.408.337.2245 if you have any trouble finding the recital hall.


475 Los Coches Street
Milpitas, CA 95035

Summary Schedule

We have split up the recital into 5 segments. We recommend that you stay through all the segments. 

Following the completion of each segment, we will present certificates to acknowledge the students’ commitment to learning Classical Indian music. Additionally, these certificates will serve as a tribute to their self-assurance in performing on stage, captivating a live audience.

Students can also take pictures with their respective Gurus.

If you plan to leave early, please  wait until you receive your certificate.

Detailed Schedule

At the moment, we are still finalizing the names of the compositions with the Gurus. 

Here is the tentative set of compositions the students will be performing