Please read Vacation Policy

Vacation Policy

Vacation is defined as a series of excused and unbilled absences. Vacation time can only be scheduled during the summer (June, July and August) and winter (December).

Two weeks’ notice must be provided by submitting this form so that the teacher can plan to fill the gap in their schedule.

If the 2 weeks’ notice is not provided, the missed lessons will be marked as “no show” and will not be eligible for makeups.


Students cannot take an unpaid break in any other month because the group will be making progress, and the student should not hold back overall class progress. Please also be respectful to the teacher because they have already blocked those times for the current students and cannot be made available for a different class for that short period of absence.


Exception is provided for students attending high school; i.e. they may be allowed to take a break anytime during the year provided they provide a 2 week online vacation notice.

Vacation Form

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