Shri Will Marsh

Shri Will teaches Sitar Lessons at the Saratoga Studio

Guided by an unyielding devotion to melody and creativity, the charismatic Will Marsh weaves magical harmonies that are a testament to his musical prowess on the Sitar. This global musician, a maestro on both the sitar and the guitar, has been serenading the world for over twenty illustrious years. His collaborations with Grammy-decorated individuals and contributions to national television stand as shining examples of his extraordinary talent.

Will’s roots lie nestled in the serene landscapes of northern Michigan, where his affinity for the guitar first took form. His path, however, took an enthralling turn as he became a renowned Hindustani sitar performer in the bustling heart of Kolkata. The path he has carved has been nothing short of a musical odyssey, enriched by diversity and the vivid cultures of the places he has touched with his music.

An unwavering believer in the elemental role of music in human life, Will infuses his every performance with a palpable passion. His music, drawn from the very depths of his soul, reverberates with a belief that music is a universal language of emotions, transcending barriers and connecting people.

His academic credentials only add to his brilliance, with a Master of Fine Arts in World Music Performance from the esteemed California Institute of the Arts adorning his musical journey. His tutelage under globally renowned musicians – Ustad Aashish Khan ji, the elder statesman from the illustrious Ali Akbar Khan ji’s lineage, Roshan Bhartiya ji, Tushar Bhatia ji, and Shakir Khan ji, have all contributed to the profound depth and richness of his music.

Currently, Will graces the vibrant California Bay Area with his presence, where he wears multiple hats with grace – a dedicated teacher sharing the love of music, an impassioned performer touching lives, and a prolific recording artist crafting unforgettable melodies. His life, filled with harmonies and rhythms, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his art, and to the magic that is music.

Shri Will Marsh is currently accepting new students. You can use one of the Sitars available at the school for your trial class. 

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