Carnatic Violin Accompaniment:
Techniques and Repertoire Development

Guru Vishwesh Swaminathan ji

Workshop #3 (3 hours)

This course is ideal for intermediate to advanced violinists who already have a solid understanding of Carnatic music fundamentals. Guru Vishwesh Swaminathan ji will be covering the following:

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Carnatic Violin Accompaniment
    • Role and Importance of Accompaniment
    • Overview of the Accompanist’s Responsibilities
  • Technical Skills Development
    • Advanced Tuning Techniques
    • Perfecting Intonation and Tone
  • Accompaniment Techniques
    • Shadowing the Main Performer
    • Anticipating Musical Phrases
  • Rhythmic Accompaniment
    • Understanding Tala and Rhythm in Carnatic Music
    • Techniques for Playing with Percussion Instruments
  • Expressive Techniques
    • Enhancing the Mood and Bhava
    • Using Gamakas Effectively in Accompaniment
  • Repertoire Development
    • Learning Common Kritis for Accompaniment
    • Varied Accompaniment Styles for Different Ragas
  • Performance and Rehearsal Techniques
    • Effective Rehearsal Strategies
    • Stage Presence and Etiquette
  • Collaboration with Other Musicians
    • Communication and Visual Cues
    • Building Chemistry with Soloists
  • Recording and Amplification Techniques
    • Basics of Sound Setup for Live Performance
    • Recording Tips for Studio Settings
  • Career Guidance and Professional Skills
    • Building a Portfolio
    • Networking in the Carnatic Music Community
$200 for non-Raaga School Students
$150 for Raaga School Students
Max. Class size: 15
Sunday, May 5th: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Location: Raaga School Saratoga Studio

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Beginner Fingering Techniques Workshop by Guru Vishwesh Swaminathan ji

Vishwesh ji is a B High graded Vocal and Violin Artiste of the All India Radio

icon About

Vishwesh ji is a senior disciple of widely renowned musician Kannakudi M Balamuralikrishna

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Guru Vishwesh Swaminathan is the winner of Bharath Ratna MS Subbalakshmi Endowment Fellowship for Violin.

He regularly gives concerts and has accompanied senior artistes.

Vishwesh ji has won the Young Vocalist awards from various institutions like The Indian Fine Arts Society, Nadopasana and Neelakanta Sivan Sabha.

Vishwesh ji has a passion for teaching and understands the nuances of sharing this divine art with students. He has been teaching both Violin and Vocal classes for many years and has a very unique ability to connect with young students who want to take up Carnatic Violin and Carnatic Vocal.

Vishwesh ji is also currently accepting new students at the Beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels